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Leverhulme Centre for Life in the Universe

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Reflections on the 2024 Annual Science Day by the members of the Organising committee

26 March 2024

On Friday 15th March, researchers from across nine university departments gathered at King’s College for the LCLU’s Annual Science Day. Over half the attendees were students, and represented fields ranging from theoretical physics and astronomy to philosophy and divinity, and everything in between.The event celebrated the...

News coverage on new paper by Paul Rimmer and Oliver Shorttle: "Graphite Likely Enabled Creation Of Earth’s First Prebiotic Molecules"

25 March 2024

Image: © Zbynek Burival / Graphite —- better known as ordinary pencil lead —- likely triggered the onset of the first prebiotic molecules here on earth. But there was nothing simple about it. The creation of enough graphite to push along the needed chemical complexity to vector towards life was arguably...

LCLU funded paper on the origins of life has just been published in nature astronomy

19 February 2024

Cosmic dust fertilization of glacial prebiotic chemistry on early Earth Craig R. Walton , Jessica K. Rigley , Alexander Lipp , Robert Law , Martin D. Suttle , Maria Schönbächler , Mark Wyatt & Oliver Shorttle Image Credit: Dr Jonny Itcovitz (IOA, University of Cambridge) Abstract Earth’s surface is deficient in...

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