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Leverhulme Centre for Life in the Universe

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Humanity’s quest to discover the origins of life in the universe

6 March 2023

For thousands of years, humanity and science have contemplated the origins of life in the Universe. While today’s scientists are well-equipped with innovative technologies, humanity has a long way to go before we fully understand the fundamental aspects of what life is and how it forms. “We are living in an extraordinary...

Astronomers use ‘little hurricanes’ to weigh and date planets around young stars

9 January 2023

Little ‘hurricanes’ that form in the discs of gas and dust around young stars can be used to study certain aspects of planet formation, even for smaller planets which orbit their star at large distances and are out of reach for most telescopes. Researchers from the University of Cambridge and the Institute for Advanced...

Learning about the first animals on Earth from life at the poles

12 October 2022

The amazing survival strategies of polar marine creatures might help to explain how the first animals on Earth could have evolved earlier than the oldest fossils suggest according to new research published in Global Change Biology . These first, simple and now extinct, animals might have lived through some of the most...

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