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Leverhulme Centre for Life in the Universe

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Learning about the first animals on Earth from life at the poles

12 October 2022

The amazing survival strategies of polar marine creatures might help to explain how the first animals on Earth could have evolved earlier than the oldest fossils suggest according to new research published in Global Change Biology . These first, simple and now extinct, animals might have lived through some of the most...

Seawater could have provided phosphorous required for emerging life

22 September 2022

The problem of how phosphorus became a universal ingredient for life on Earth may have been solved by a group of Cambridge scientists, who have recreated primordial seawater containing the element in the lab. Their results, published in the journal Nature Communications , show that seawater might be the missing source of...

Launch of the Leverhulme Centre for Life in the Universe

8 August 2022

The Leverhulme Centre for Life in the Universe (LCLU) was officially launched on 27 June 2022 at Clare College, Cambridge. The Centre seeks to harness simultaneous breakthroughs in astrophysics, planetology, organic chemistry, biology and cognate disciplines to develop a deeper understanding of life, its emergence, and its...

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